Education & Events

Supporting Professional Development & Building Relationships

The Iowa Motor Truck Association elevates, enhances, and eloquently tells the positive story of the trucking industry through various educational opportunities and events scheduled throughout the year.  Join us at these opportunities and witness that through these efforts, every aspect of fulfilling IMTA’s mission will be strengthened and reinforced.

The Iowa Motor Truck Association offers these educational seminars and events every year to its members and non-members. The goal of each opportunity is to support continued professional development and build lasting relationships within the trucking industry. 

Aug 23

Webinar: Leveraging Analytics to Reduce Company Medical Costs

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Rising workers’ compensation, health medical costs and the epidemic of prescription use/misuse are chronic issues for companies. Who can they trust to partner with to support them in choosing solutions to gain control and reduce these costs?...

Sep 5
Sep 6

Management Conference

Coralville, Iowa

Only at the 2018 IMTA Annual Management Conference will you find everything you are looking for, and more!  This annual conference provides all attendees with the tools, the knowledge and the expertise needed to be a successful leader in resp...

Sep 20

Webinar: Emergency Action Plans

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Did you know that OSHA Regulation 1910.38 outlines the requirements for an emergency action plan (EAP)?  

Employers with over ten employees must keep the plan in writing, must train employees, and have procedures for all types ...

Oct 18

Webinar: Integrating Biodiesel Into Your Fuel Supply

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Fleets nationwide are beginning to understand the advantages of integrating biodiesel into their fuel supply. This webinar will look at several local fleets which are utilizing biodiesel to reduce their fuel costs, improve their engine performance...