Education & Events

Supporting Professional Development & Building Relationships

The Iowa Motor Truck Association elevates, enhances, and eloquently tells the positive story of the trucking industry through various educational opportunities and events scheduled throughout the year.  Join us at these opportunities and witness that through these efforts, every aspect of fulfilling IMTA’s mission will be strengthened and reinforced.

The Iowa Motor Truck Association offers these educational seminars and events every year to its members and non-members. The goal of each opportunity is to support continued professional development and build lasting relationships within the trucking industry. 


"Best of the Best" Awards

Embassy Suites | Des Moines, Iowa

Iowa carriers have demonstrated their commitment to professionalism throughout the years and the ongoing campaign towards excellence continues to be a top priority among many carriers of all sizes. The Iowa Motor Truck Association offers...

Jun 15
Jun 16

Truck Driving Championships

Prairie Meadows | Altoona, Iowa

The Iowa Truck Driving Championships (TDC) is an event that showcases the professionalism that exists among Iowa's finest drivers. For over 40 years, Iowa has celebrated the important role that the professional truck driver plays to the econom...

Jun 22

Biodiesel Basics & Implementation Webinar

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Biodiesel has been around as a cleaner burning fuel option for over 20 years, but today’s biodiesel is much different than the biodiesel from the early days. New uses of technology such as distillation, the utilization of a diverse mix of fe...

Jul 20

Minimizing the Overall Cost of Risk

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Risk financing, like other important financial decisions, must support the overall strategic plan. The 5Cs approach considers risk financing a key business activity that affects and is impacted by the operations of the company. The appropriate ris...

Aug 3

Dan Baker Seminar

IMTA Office | Des Moines, Iowa

We are excited to announce that Dan Baker will once again bring his energetic expertise to the IMTA Office in early August.  Dan will present on a variety of topics, with his Generational Challenge presentation being the highlight.  

Sep 20
Sep 21

Management Conference

Des Moines, Iowa

Since 1942, this annual conference continues to provide all attendees with the tools, the knowledge and the expertise needed to be a successful leader in responding to the constantly changing environment in the trucking industry.  Educational...