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Mar 2

Truck PAC Iowa Culinary Fight Night

Des Moines Social Club | Des Moines

Whether or not you know your way around the kitchen doesn't make a difference at Truck PAC Iowa's Culinary Fight Night.  All experience levels are encouraged to participate because it's not all about how well you perform in the kitchen, it's about having an evening of fun and networking with fellow IMTA members in support of Truck PAC Iowa!  

This Chopped-like event will divide attendees into teams during a timed culinary competition.  With a professional chef as a mentor, each team will discuss a strategy to create a dish consisting of items in the kitchen -- protein, vegetable, starch, pantry staples, etc.  Creativity, division of tasks and effective communication within each team are critical for the win.  Throughout the event a panel of judges will be evaluating your teamwork, and will then be the official taste testers of all the final products.  

Members of the team that dishes up the best dish will win prizes based on presentation, teamwork, and most of all, the ability to have fun during the event!  This Truck PAC Iowa fundraiser is sure to be an event you don't want to miss, and you are encouraged to register coworkers, spouses, friends, etc.  In addition to the culinary competition, food and beverages will be available throughout the event!

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