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Jul 17

Webinar: Building Tomorrow's Workforce

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Flexibility, trust, gratitude, and empathy are the new cornerstones to building your company’s culture. Establishing these will help create a culture that will not only last, but will also be part of who you are as an organization. Your company culture is a statement to your organization’s values and therefore will create engaged employees that foster an environment for growth and loyalty.

Brad Jones, Founder and CEO of Saige Partners LLC, will introduce today’s top trends that will help you transform your workplace to create an environment where your employees not only enjoy working for your company, but also have something to work for.

Key topics for this webinar include:

  • Where the market is headed for employees and employers
  • Looking at soft skills and how the impact of the hiring process can impact company culture
  • Creating strong partnerships both inside and outside an organization
  • Why flexibility, trust, gratitude, and empathy are the cornerstone to developing company culture
  • How your behavior and the way you treat others establishes your company’s culture

This FREE webinar will be held:

  • Date: Wednesday, July 17
  • Time: 10:00 - 11:00 A.M.

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