The bipartisan Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act of 2018 (H.R. 4), a 5-year bill to reauthorize the programs of the FAA, was introduced last week in the House T&I Committee. Read more


Earlier this week, trucking executives and truck drivers joined President Trump to discuss the effects the tax reform law that was passed by Congress in December. Read more


President Donald Trump has hit some recent criticism with his approach to tariffs and trade policies, with critics saying the tariffs on steel and aluminum imports could ultimately raise the costs of goods made in the U.S.A, brewing trade war with China with each country exchanging potential tariffs to the tune of billions of dollars. Read more


The “hard enforcement” deadline of April 1 for Electronic Logging Devices has proven to be not nearly as significant as the December implementation date. Read more


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has granted a five-year exemption from the 30-minute rest-break requirement for trucks hauling petroleum products and will allow fuel trucks to operate 12 hours a day without triggering the requirement under certain conditions. Read more


The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance held it’s Spring Workshop last week in Portland, Oregon. Don Egli, Director of Safety for IMTA is on the board of directors for CVSA and attended the meeting. Read more


Iowa transportation officials plan to make a near-record $779 million in statewide road improvements for the upcoming construction season. Read more


Technology is rapidly evolving and continuously emerging across many facets of the trucking industry, and tires are no exception. Tire manufacturers report that the connectivity and digital capabilities they provide offer improved efficiencies, cost savings and reduced maintenance for their fleet customers. Read more


Despite a tremendous lobbying effort, the F4A language was not included in the Appropriations legislation that recently passed. Read more


This bill would direct the Secretary of Transportation to issue regulations to permit an 18-21 year old CDL holder to drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) across state lines, during and upon the completion of a two-step apprenticeship program. Read more