The CVSA International Roadcheck is just around the corner. The event will take place next week, June 5 – 7, and will include all 72 hours of that time. Read more


Enforcement of the Electronic Logging Device Mandate for drivers who transport agricultural commodities is just weeks away, with the six-month exemption ending on June 18. Read more


Drivers have received 35,000 citations since January for failing to have a registered electronic logging device, making it the top violation since the ELD mandate went into effect. Read more


FMCSA has issued an emergency declaration that suspends hours of service regs for truckers hauling relief loads and emergency supplies to states in the potential path of Subtropical Storm Alberto. Read more


Last week the Senate Commerce Committee unanimously passed S.2848, the Fighting Opioid Abuse in Transportation Act. The bill, which the American Trucking Associations (ATA) worked with the Senate Commerce Committee to develop, takes several critical steps to improve and reform DOT controlled substance and alcohol testing and would enhance efforts within transportation to combat the upward trend of substance abuse in America. Read more


The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) issued a data call for the annual update to its Operational Costs of Trucking report. Among the for-hire fleet metrics being requested by ATRI are driver pay, fuel costs, insurance premiums and lease or purchase payments. Read more


This summary describes the compliance requirements and options available for vehicles that operate in California including an option that limits the number of 2010 engine upgrades in any one year. There are different requirements based on the weight category of your vehicles.
Read more


We have recently seen an increase in issues on enforcement of Electronic Logging Devices on roadside inspections. Several issues have been raised so we wanted to publish some of these issues, so you and your drivers can be better prepared for roadside ELD inspections. Read more


Iowa Department of Transportation officials have unveiled a $3.4 billion plan to support roadway and bridge projects over the next five years. Read more


Starting May 1 in Minnesota, the fuel most used by truckers, No. 2 diesel, must contain at least 20 percent biodiesel — double the current requirement. Read more