2020 Leadership Class Now Accepting Nominations --- First Session Convenes in March


Nominations are officially being accepted for the 2020 IMTA Leadership Class, but you better act fast as this class always fills up within 1-2 weeks of this formal announcement (and that’s no joke)!

Since its inception in 1993, the IMTA leadership program has been built on a foundation of challenging emerging leaders to be pushed out of their comfort zone and to promote an environment of learning that is based on lively discussions, team building and improved communication skills. This unwavering focus on both personal and professional development has been spot on in helping the participants leave the program with added confidence, pride and commitment to go on and make tremendous contributions to their respective companies, communities and to the industry.

The willingness to be an active and contributing leader for IMTA is independent of age or socially defined generation, it doesn’t matter the amount of time you have spent in the industry, or the place in your career path. Instead, being a leader for IMTA is simply having the motivation to get involved, commit the time, and having a focus to make a difference for the greater good of the trucking industry.

If you envision yourself in this program, or would like to nominate a coworker, act fast and complete the 2020 Leadership Class registration packet today.  Once nominations are submitted, they get sent on to a deciding committee to make the final class roster decisions.  All applicants will be notified of decisions by Monday, February 24.

2020 IMTA Leadership Class --- Registration Packet