ATRI Report Offers Freight Plans Guidelines


Transport Topics --- The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) recently released a report outlining the best practices for freight planning at the state level.

ATRI formed an “Ideal Attributes Checklist” after studying and scoring the freight plans of various states. Freight plans are blueprints detailing the organizations, commodities and trip metrics that characterize a particular freight network. To identify which plans to rank, ATRI solicited input from representatives of every state and territory. These representatives could nominate exemplary freight plans from either their own state, their neighboring states or the nation as a whole.

The 12 most-nominated states were Washington, California, Nevada, Texas, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida.

ATRI’s report identifies several common themes that appeared in most, if not all, of the most-nominated freight plans. These themes include a reliance on externally generated data to prioritize projects, the designation of critical rural and urban freight corridors and consultation with freight advisory committees, or FACs.

This report is in response to a 2016 research objective in which ATRI’s Research Advisory Committee called for a standardization of freight plans throughout the country. The report acknowledges that “there is no one-size-fits-all solution to freight planning.”

For those interested in downloading the ATRI State Freight Plan Best Practices, please visit the following link.