ELDs Bring Detention Time into Focus


IMTA --- The “hard enforcement” deadline of April 1 for Electronic Logging Devices has proven to be not nearly as significant as the December implementation date.

Industry executives have agreed that the ELD mandate has helped fuel a historic capacity crunch but feel that the situation should ease in the near future. The capacity crunch should be remedied due to the innovation of the industry. Trucking professionals are historically very good at learning how to solve problems.

In the meantime, however, shippers are struggling to find enough trucks and are placing a new emphasis on reducing detention time. ELDs can help in that effort.

Besides hiring drivers, detention time is the biggest operational issue facing most carriers and ELD data helps to give carriers better detention time credibility with shippers. Carriers now have credible data proving the time that they are “stuck” at a shipper or receiver. This data also allows fleets to easily determine the difference between good loads and bad loads.