ELDs and Enforcement --- Roadside Inspection Clarification


SOURCE:  IMTA --- We have recently seen an increase in issues on enforcement of Electronic Logging Devices on roadside inspections. Several issues have been raised so we wanted to publish some of these issues, so you and your drivers can be better prepared for roadside ELD inspections.

  • Drivers do not know if they are operating AOBRD technology or ELD technology. The technology and enforcement on the roadside is different, so ensure that you have trained your drivers on which technology you are using.
  • Drivers do not know how to access the record of duty status for review by the officer. This can be either a training issue or a driver not wanting to show the log to the officer.
  • Drivers do not have an instruction sheet for the device. The regulations state that drivers must have an instruction sheet with them in the truck.
  • Drivers do not have a supply of blank logs in the truck. The regulations require that a driver must have a supply of blank logs in the truck, so that they can immediately revert to paper logs if their device malfunctions.
  • Officers are writing violations on AOBRD technology based on the parts of the regulations that apply to ELDs. The regulations are specifically different for AOBRDs than they are for ELDs. We have seen several violations written up using ELD regulations when the carrier is operating using AOBRDs. When reviewing your roadside inspections, make sure that the regulation section used for support of the violation applies to the technology that you are using. It is often not a violation if you are using AOBRD technology.

The transition to electronic logging technology has been a learning curve for everyone. By doing a little training, and reviewing your roadside inspections, you can make this transition a little easier to manage. Please call the IMTA office at (515) 244-5193 if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance.