Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 Rule on Trailers - Put on Hold


Transport Topics --- A federal appeals court has temporarily halted implementation of a provision in Phase 2 of the heavy trucks greenhouse gas rule of 2016 which would have regulated trailer manufacturers for the first time beginning January 1.

Prior to this stay, trailer manufacturers had said that with the rules effective date fast approaching, the case was “disrupting normal ordering process and frustrating both customers and manufacturers.”

This stay was issued more than two months after the EPA announced its plans to revisit the Phase 2 trailer and glider provisions. It followed the path of Phase 1 which took effect in 2014 and tightened emissions standards of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases while ordering manufacturers to produce heavy- and medium -duty trucks that get better fuel mileage.

Trailer manufacturers were pleased with the ruling and the agency’s progress and looks forward to a full administrative review of the trailer greenhouse gas rules.