Hard Enforcement Starts May 1 For Truckers in Lanternfly Quarantine Area


CDLLife --- Authorities in Pennsylvania will start ‘hard enforcement’ of a new permit for truckers who make stops in the quarantine zone for an invasive species of insect, the Spotted Lanternfly, starting on May 1, 2019.

Businesses that operate in Pennsylvania counties that are considered quarantine zones must obtain and carry a permit showing that the company is in compliance with insect inspection and control training. Companies that are based, load, or make stops in the quarantine zone all must obtain the permit. Check if you need a permit here.

Trucking companies that travel through but do not make any stops in the quarantine area are not required to obtain a permit.

If drivers are not carrying the proper permit, they can be refused entry or face fines up to $20,000.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture only requires that a manager takes the course to obtain the permit but then requires that the company document that the manager provides proper training for other employees:

You can click here to take the free two hour online training course and to obtain a permit through the Pennsylvania State University.