Iowa DOT Changes Question & Answer Process


The Iowa Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division has eliminated their 800-number process for carriers who have questions concerning commercial motor vehicles.

For many years the DOT has had an 800 number which was manned by a Motor Vehicle Enforcement officer. The officer was available to answer questions on Iowa Code, regulations, and other issues related to the operation of a commercial motor vehicle.

Due to the inconsistency of the number of calls coming in daily, they have moved that officer to other areas of responsibility and will be offering the same question and answer service by means of email.

This will make more efficient use of their personnel, while still providing the service to Iowa carriers. The DOT has assured us that carriers will receive an answer to their questions not later than 2 or 3 days from the time it was submitted.

To contact the Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division with your questions, you can use the following link: