Iowa Represented at Recent CVSA Meeting


The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance held it’s Spring Workshop last week in Portland, Oregon. Don Egli, Director of Safety for IMTA is on the board of directors for CVSA and attended the meeting. Also attending the meeting from Iowa were Allison Meiners, of Ruan Transportation; Chief Dave Lorenzen and several of the Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement officers; and Lt. Brett Tjepkes and one of his State Patrol MCSAP officers.

During this meeting CVSA committees get together and discuss current issues and regulations, both in the trucking industry and the enforcement world. Of special interest to attendees were the discussions on how roadside inspections should be handled on the variety of issues and violations. Hours of Service and Electronic Logging Devices were probably the two most timely topics discussed at the meeting, and both topics received a fair amount of discussion. The DRIVE Safe Act, which is the proposal to allow 18-year old drivers to operate in interstate commerce, was also discussed at length.

On Monday, Don was privileged to present the International Driver Excellence Award to Holland driver, Herschel Evans during the general session, with over 500 people in attendance. Herschel is a pickup and delivery driver for Holland in the Atlanta area, and has driven incident-free for over 30 years. He is also a member of America’s Road Team and has done extensive volunteer work for Drive for a Cure and other charitable organizations. His long list of charitable activities is what set him apart from the other nominees, although each of the nominees was an excellent candidate for the award.

During the week-long meeting FMCSA, AAMVA, FHWA, and the National Transportation Safety Board were also present and each gave a detailed update of current, or future, issues that are going on within their agency.

CVSA’s annual meeting will be held in Kansas City in September.