Payment Options Released for Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse


Transport Topics --- The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has released query plans, including pricing options, for trucking companies seeking to use the agency’s Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse.

The federal Clearinghouse rule, which goes into effect January 6,2020, requires drivers to register and consent to carriers checking their record for failed drug tests or refusals to take drug tests. Employers are required to check the Clearinghouse as part of pre-employment driver investigations and screen each of their currently employed CDL drivers at least once a year.

FMCSA presented two pricing options for query plans. The individual query plan charges a flat rate of $1.25 per query, which will be applied to both limited and full queries. The unlimited query plan charges an annual fee of $24,500. All employers of CDL drivers are required to buy a plan, which will be available for purchase this fall.

Limited queries check for the presence of information in a driver’s Clearinghouse record. Drivers’ consent to be searched is obtained outside the Clearinghouse. Full queries disclose detailed information about resolved or unresolved violations within a driver’s record. If an employer decides to follow a limited query with a full one, he or she will only be charged once for both queries.

There are options for different packages, or “bundles,” within the individual query plan; the cost fluctuates based on the number of queries available in the bundle. Employers can pay $1.25 for one query, $125 for 100 queries, $1,250 for 1,000 queries or $9,375 for 7,500 queries.