Trucking Moves the Holidays


The Holidays are Here
During the holiday season, trucking plays a critical role in making everyone's holiday season bright.  

Thanks to all the men and women working in the trucking industry, grocery store shelves are filled, warm food is on the table and holiday gifts are under the tree.

Even during an extremely busy time of year for trucking, the industry is also focused on giving back to communities throughout the state. Trucks are delivering food for organizations like Combat Hunger, participating in Wreaths Across America, and delivering warm clothes to the needy.

We Want to Hear from Members
Does your company participate in any charitable acts specific to the holiday season?  Are donations made that are specific to the holidays?  Is your company taking part in community events associated with the holidays?

Please tell us what your company is involved in this holiday season that makes us proud as an industry to say Trucking Moves Iowa Forward. 

Send Your Stories In
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