UCR Registration Delayed


FMCSA has announced that registration for the Unified Carrier Registration, which normally begins on October 1, has been delayed. The reason is the same as last year. FMCSA is having to recalculate the fees.

The UCR program is collecting more money than the federal law allows, and the overage must be returned to the industry in the form of lower charges.

The UCR Board of Directors is cautiously predicting that the FMCSA rulemaking for 2019 UCR fees will be published, and effective, in November.

State enforcement will not begin until 90 days after the rule is made final.

Along with these changes, the UCR registration process will also be changing. The previous UCR website, operated for UCR by the Indiana Department of Revenue, will no longer be in existence. The new registration website will be run by the UCR program itself. The new UCR registration website will be found at www.ucr.gov