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Regulations Updates Come Out During CVSA Spring Workshop — 

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance held its spring workshop the week of April 22 in Louisville, Ky.

The meeting started with a general session in which FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro, gave an update on current issues going on in Washington, D.C. Ferro discussed the MAP-21 initiative, stating that MAP-21 had given the FMCSA directives to implement 38 new rules within 27 months. She said they are “well on their way” to finalizing many of those rules.

Some of the areas of focus on rulemaking include: Hazmat; Unified Carrier Registration; Compliance, Safety, Administration (CSA) public display of all BASICs; hair testing for drugs; electronic logging devices; agricultural exemptions; en-route inspections; size and weight (and related studies); and regulatory effectiveness.

The biggest piece of news was Electronic Logging Devices (formerly referred to as EOBRs). MAP-21 mandated the FMCSA come up with a final rule by October 2013. Ferro announced the agency will not meet that target date. It is, however, looking at a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to be out by September 2013, with a Final Rule probably not coming out until at least October 2014.

Ferro also gave a brief update on CSA, stating that it is a work in progress. The FMCSA is presently reviewing the DataQ’s process and the quality of the data in the system. The agency is tracking information by state and by officer. Its mission is consistency of enforcement and data quality across North America.

The rest of the week was spent sitting in Driver/Traffic Committee. This committee deals with driver related issues in enforcement and roadside inspections. Topics covered included electronic logging devices and what the officers would like to see displayed on a roadside inspection; ways drivers are cheating the system on ELD’s; sleep apnea; supporting documents for driver logs; speed limiters; recommending a new requirement for seat belts for CMV passengers; inconsistencies in the Commercial Driver’s License Information System, and several other things.