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Absentee Ballot Information for 2012 November Presidential Election — 

To aid companies in their attempt to have as many employees vote as possible in the upcoming Presidential Election this November, the Iowa Motor Truck Association has found a valuable Web site pertaining to absentee balloting.

Long Distance Voter is a site dedicated to absentee voting that outlines the rules for all 50 states. The site also will enable any employee -- driver or otherwise -- to verify their voter registration and make arrangements to ensure they can cast a vote in this election.

The IMTA encourages the distribution of this information to all drivers and employees who may not be home to vote this November. The upcoming election is extremely important and with over four million drivers nationwide, everything possible needs to be done to ensure they can cast their vote.

Presidential Candidate Information
The Iowa Motor Truck Association has also had several requests for information on the presidential candidates. To help fulfill those requests, the IMTA found two great Web sites that provide very valuable information on all the candidates. The sites are unbiased and can be a tremendous value to anyone wanting to know more about the people seeking votes this November.

The IMTA hopes the sites linked below are just as valuable to its members and anyone else who may be provided the links.

For more information, please contact the IMTA office at (515) 244-5193.