Combat Hunger

Increasing the Awareness of Iowa's Hunger Problem

Combat Hunger is a community-wide food and fund drive to provide hungry Iowans with food during the harsh winter months and increase awareness of Iowa’s critical hunger problem.

Businesses and schools sign up to host a food and/or fund drive during the two-day collection event or during the month of November leading up to the two-day collection event. Participants hold competitions, promotions, contests, etc. to encourage employees and customers to donate.

Star 102.5 hosts Combat Hunger with support from Cognizant, Price Chopper, The Des Moines Register, Iowa Motor Truck Association, Service Legends, Cash Saver Food Outlet, and Mercy Medical Center.

Each year IMTA helps by providing straight trucks and drivers to support this important food drive for the Food Bank of Iowa. We recruit companies each year to provide a straight truck and driver. 

2018 Combat Hunger Event Details

235,000 Meals for Iowans Collected 

2017 Combat Hunger Event Details

300,000 Meals for Iowans Collected  

2016 Combat Hunger Event Details

300,000 Meals for Iowans Collected  

2015 Combat Hunger Event Details

300,000 Meals for Iowans Collected 

2014 Combat Hunger Event Details

255,000 Meals for Iowans Collected 

2013 Combat Hunger Event Details

250,000 Meals for Iowans Collected