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Golf Outing

Truck PAC Iowa Golf Outing

Iowa City | Norwalk | Sioux City
Currently there are several restrictions still in place for “large gatherings” and while we are hopeful that there will be a revised Executive Order distributed in the near future, as of now, golf courses are still required to proceed in some specific ways regarding large groups and golf outings. Because of these restrictions we are offering a different approach to our annual spring golf outing. 
Instead of a traditional golf outing where we all come together at one course in Des Moines, we are offering an alternative tournament that will allow everyone to participate while also helping us raise money for IMTA’s Truck PAC --- a cause that is critically important this year with elections in November. 
IMTA will offering the first ever SOCIAL DISTANCE SCRAMBLE. And the best part of this “non-event”, event? You have a hand in deciding when and where you would like to attend! There will also be RAFFLE PRIZES, TROPHIES AND CASH PRIZES FOR THE TOURNAMENT WINNERS! 
NOT A GOLFER? No problem --- you can ‘gift’ this opportunity to anyone (friends, family, coworkers, customers, etc.). Or you can purchase raffle tickets if that’s all you’re interested in! 
Please utilize the following links to register and/or purchase raffle tickets:

2020 Truck PAC Iowa Golf Outing SPONSORS

  • Allied Oil & Supply, Inc.
  • Bauer Built Tire & Service
  • BMO Transportation Finance
  • Bridgestone Commercial Solutions
  • Central Trailer Service
  • Cornhusker International Trucks
  • Cottingham & Butler, Inc.
  • Dave Syverson Truck Centers
  • Eastern Iowa Tire, Inc.
  • Engles, Ketcham, Olson & Keith, P.C.
  • Ennis Corp
  • GATR Truck Center
  • Hanifen Co. Inc.
  • Harrison Truck Centers
  • Housby
  • Interstate PowerSystems / I-State Truck Center
  • Jim Hawk Truck-Trailers, Inc.
  • Joe Morten & Son, Inc., dba Motor-Ways, Inc.
  • Katz, Sapper & Miller
  • Kwik Trip / Kwik Star
  • Lube-Tech & Partners, LLC
  • Majestic Truck Center
  • McGowen Hurst Clark Smith
  • MHC Kenworth
  • Mid-States Utility / Keizer Co.
  • Midwest Peterbilt Group
  • Midwest Wheel Companies
  • Niece Trucking, Inc.
  • O'Halloran International, Inc. / Quality Services Corp.
  • Ottsen Oil Company
  • PrePass Safety Alliance
  • Renewable Energy Group
  • Reynolds & Reynolds, Inc.
  • Ruan Transportation
  • Stoughton Lease
  • Tarbell & Co., P.L.C.
  • Thermo King Christensen
  • Thermo King Sales & Service
  • Thompson Truck & Trailer
  • Truck Center Companies
  • Truck Country
  • Truckers Insurance Associates
  • TrueNorth Companies
  • United Truck & Body
  • US Cargo Control
  • Wilson Trailer Company