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Sep 16
Sep 17

Trucking Recovery Initiative


IMTA volunteer leaders are excited to announce the “Trucking Recovery Initiative” will be held on Wednesday, September 16 & Thursday, September 17. 

This virtual conference will offer IMTA members access to some of the finest speakers in the nation as they delve into topics that will be focusing on the issues that are in the forefront as we all continue to think about the future. What does this recovery look like? When will it begin? How will you be impacted by some major events in the upcoming months? 

Here is what you will find on the schedule for the IMTA “Trucking Recovery Initiative” --- 2 virtual sessions per day over a two-day period covering topics such as:

  • Politics --- Amongst the Chaos of the Pandemic We Cannot Forget It's an Election Year 
  • Economics --- What Sort of Impact Has the Pandemic Had on the Economy Today & in the Future
  • Pandemic Recovery --- What Lies Ahead & How to Move On 
  • Leadership During Uncertainty --- Uncertain Times Call for Exceptional Leaders 

Stay tuned for registration information, speaker details and much more relative to the Trucking Recovery Initiative. And because this is a virtual event, make sure everyone in your office is aware of this unique opportunity!

And Finally...

The Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation Board wants to invite everyone to get geared up for the Live Auction and Silent Auction that will take place virtually as well. These important fundraising events will once again be held but in a virtual format. 

Yes, there will be an auctioneer. Yes, there will be some great packages to bid on. Yes, you will able to continue to support the efforts of the Foundation by participating in this fun event. There will be some other surprises too.  

We are all in this together and now more than ever the strength of our industry and the value of our unity will enable us to prevail during this challenging time! 

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to stay engaged and involved with YOUR ASSOCIATION! 

2020 Trucking Recovery Initiative SPONSORS