Because fraud concerns are arising due to transactions that require a date of purchase/transfer, as of July 1, 2022, Iowa DOT will request bill(s) of sale for (1) title transactions that require payment of a fee for new registration (2) title transactions that have an exemption from fee for new registration and (3) transactions that add a vehicle to a fleet or add vehicle with transfer to a fleet where a date of purchase/transfer is required. Read more


Due to concerns over a timely planting season and amounts of agricultural truck traffic moving throughout the state, the Governor has issued a proclamation that provides relief. Read more


Governor Reynolds signed a proclamation that temporarily suspends regulatory provisions of Iowa law pertaining to hours of service for crews and drivers hauling propane through February 5. Read more


Governor Kim Reynolds extended a proclamation relating to the weight limits and transportation of grain through January 29, 2022. Read more


Oversize/Overweight permitted vehicles will be restricted from traveling effective 12:00pm on December 15 until 30 minutes prior to sunrise on December 16. Read more