IMTA Show Trailer

Promoting Iowa's Trucking Industry


Since the early 1990s, IMTA has had a show trailer. IMTA leaders felt that something visible and eye-catching was needed to help elevate the appreciation and understanding of the industry.  And what better way to do that than with a truck!

The first show trailer was used extensively by the members and traveled throughout the state. However, over time, the show trailer started to show its age and in 2016, a new “used” trailer was purchased and a plan was developed to convert the trailer into a new show trailer for IMTA. 

The first phase was the exterior and in September of 2017 the new IMTA show trailer exterior was unveiled at IMTA’s 75th Anniversary Gala.  By doing the exterior first, this also allowed IMTA to use the show trailer at various events throughout the state while we proceeded into Phase 2.

Phase 2, which kicked off in January of 2018, focuses on the interior of the show trailer. After doing extensive research and consulting with image professionals within the industry as well as various demographics of the IMTA membership, it was determined that a driving simulator, interactive displays and videos needed to be an integral part of the interior design. 

While these items are recognized as being highly effective in any educational display, and also appeals to a wide range of ages, they are also very expensive.  Just like the people we serve when delivering products, education has no age boundaries so we believe our audience can span from toddlers to senior citizens. 

Recognition of our fundraising sponsors is the lifeblood of who we are as a non-profit trade association.  The individuals and the companies that provide the financial support to make this project possible will have a very visible, prominent and effective display.  People will clearly know where this funding is coming from.  Carriers and vendors alike are encouraged to consider a contribution.  Learn more about fundraising opportunities.


IMTA Show Trailer Sponsors & Contributors

GOLD SPONSORS // $10,000
Harrison Truck Centers
Heartland Express
Midwest Peterbilt Group, Inc.
The Johnsrud Family
Truck Country
TrueNorth Companies

Barr-Nunn Transportation, Inc.
Don Hummer Trucking
Interstate PowerSystems
Niece Trucking, Inc.
O'Halloran International, Inc. a Trivista Company / Quality Services Corp.
Olson Explosives
Van Wyk, Inc.
West Side Transport, Inc.

All Seasons Trucking, Inc.
Ennis Corp.
Keane Thummel Trucking
McAninch Corp.
Midwest Pride in Your Ride
PrePass Safety Alliance
Rasmussen Group


Argee Transport
Central Trailer Service
Cross Dillon Tire
Crouse Transportation Services, LLC
Cummins Sales & Service
Delwin Van Wyk
Des Moines Transportation Co.
Eastern Iowa Tire
Green Products Company
Heyl Truck Lines, Inc.
Hite Trucking Co.
Insurance Associates
King's Material / Hawkeye Ready Mix
Kunkel & Associates
Merchants Distributing
Mid-States Utility Trailer Sales, Inc.
Midwest Wheel Companies
Panama Transfer
Peterson Contractors
Preussner Truck Lines, Inc.
Pyle Transportation
Repperts Rigging & Hauling
Star Equipment, Ltd.
Stutsman Transportation, Inc.
Sully Transportation
TanTara Transportation Corp.
Truckers Service Association
Warren Transport, Inc.
Weinrich Truck Line, Inc.
WestWind Logistics, LLC

Amhof Trucking
BB & P Food & Grain
Contract Transport, Inc.
Dickey Transport
Donaghy-Kempton Insurors
Erickson Transport
G. Goodenow Ltd.
Hamilton Redi-Mix
Heyer Truck Line, Inc.
Highway Mail Company
Holiday Express Corp.
Hoover's Hatchery Inc.
Jim Hawk Truck Trailers, Inc.
Ottsen Oil Co.
Vonnahme Construction LLP