IMTA Staff

Committed to Serving the Membership in the Most Professional Manner

Brenda Neville, CAE

Brenda Neville, CAE President & CEO For over 36 years, Brenda has had the distinct honor of representing Iowa’s trucking industry. Since joining the association in 1987, Brenda has served in a variety of roles and was named President and CEO of IMTA in 2008. While she has many different areas of oversight and involvement, her greatest joy is membership outreach and working with the members to find solutions to their challenges and problems. Since day one, Brenda has understood that the members are the foundation of IMTA and continues to make the members a top priority.

Janelle Stevens

Janelle Stevens Director of Communications, Education & Events Janelle is responsible for overseeing and implementing a profitable and professional event and education program for the association in addition to overseeing all the communications activities for IMTA. Janelle manages all aspects of the events and education programs from inception to conclusion and does so in a manner that supports IMTA’s mission, bottom line, and image. In her communications role, she is responsible for ensuring that IMTA is communicating as effectively as possible with several different audiences from the members to legislators to the general motoring public.

Allison Meiners

Allison Meiners Director of Safety & Member Services Allison is responsible for the member services silo which focuses on several different programs to serve the membership including membership recruitment and retention. Allison also oversees the side of the association that brings in revenue, so in addition to managing and monitoring the membership dues revenue she also oversees the non-dues revenue programs to assure they are meeting the contractual goals while also serving the members. Additionally, Allison provides oversight for IMTA’s safety and regulatory compliance outreach efforts.

Emily Kriegel

Emily Kriegel Education & Events Manager As the newest member of the IMTA, Emily has already made a positive impact on the events and education department not only due to her experience but her professionalism and enthusiasm. Emily brings seven years of non-profit and event management experience to the IMTA and is eager to add her insight and special touch to IMTA events and educational opportunities. In addition to her events and education responsibilities with IMTA, Emily coordinates the outside groups that utilize the IMTA event spaces for various meetings, events, and educational opportunities.

Gary Handley

Gary Handley Special Projects: 3rd Party CDL Testing Gary is a valuable addition to the IMTA staff and their ongoing efforts. Initially hired to help with special projects, he now focuses primarily on IMTA’s 3rd party CDL testing and IMTA’s show trailer. Gary covers all the responsibilities needed to keep the IMTA Show Trailer in top condition as it travels throughout the state. Gary also has 40 years’ experience in the industry from being a driver to a safety director and assists where needed on special projects that capitalize on his many areas of expertise.

Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams Special Projects: Show Trailer Kevin assists with IMTA’s monthly member outreach efforts and oversees IMTA’s important workforce efforts that focus on the network of public and private schools throughout the state. With nearly 40 years as an educator and a school administrator, Kevin has valuable leadership and expertise in IMTA’s ongoing workforce efforts targeted at young Iowans.