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Show Trailer & Driving Simulator

Public Awareness & Outreach

The most important tool that we have for telling the story of trucking is the IMTA show trailer and the driving simulator. The pandemic forced the show trailer to be parked for almost two years but since the pandemic is now behind us, the show trailer has been on the road non-stop.

IMTA and the Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation have partnered with the Iowa FFA Foundation as well as the Iowa Department of Education and Iowa Workforce Development. These partnerships have created countless opportunities around the state to get in front of students of all ages, with the most popular being the high school student population.

Driving these outreach efforts is a group of professional truck drivers (active and retired) that not not only assist by driving the show trailer to the various events across the state, but they also help with the trailer and driver simulator set up and answer questions and provide insight to everyone that enters the trailer. Additionally, our workforce ambassadors not only communicate with the schools and finalize all the details relative to each outing but also help with onsite presentations about the industry as a whole and highlight all the other career opportunities in the industry beyond truck driving.

Interested in Hosting the Show Trailer?

The impact of the IMTA show trailer & driving simulator continues to be powerful and effective throughout the state of Iowa. IMTA members are welcome to use the show trailer for their company or community events, and we already have partnership with various school programs.

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