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Allied Division

Representing the Vendor Members of the Association

The IMTA serves as a bridge between vendors and carriers, facilitating communication and collaboration, while promoting the success of the industry at a state and national level. This bridge is vital for ensuring the smooth operation and development of the trucking industry. This membership highlights the significance of the relationships between vendors and carriers.

Benefits of Being an Allied Member:

  • Networking Opportunities: Allied Members have the chance to network with both their current customers and potential customers within the trucking industry. Networking can lead to new business opportunities, partnerships, and valuable connections.  These opportunities can take your membership to the next level, as long as you put in the work and get involved.
  • Access to Membership Directory: Find new connections through IMTA's online membership directory.  This member-only access is beneficial for targeted marketing, outreach, and keeping track of the IMTA member base.
  • Company Listing in Directory: Allied Members are also listed in the IMTA online membership directory. This member-only directory serves as a reference guide for industry professionals and raises the exposure of the Allied Member.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: There are numerous opportunities to get recognition for your company by sponsoring an IMTA event, or by year-round exposure in the Cornerstone Sponsorship Program.  With in-person events ranging from small to large, there are a variety of ways to showcase your company logo and support for IMTA.

These benefits collectively enhance the value of being an Allied Member with IMTA, as they offer opportunities for business growth, marketing opportunities, staying connected with industry peers and understanding the issues and endless opportunities within the industry.

Who Can Join

The Allied Division is composed of businesses that provide products or services to the industry, including:  truck and trailer sales, parts and service, insurance, legal services, financing, communications and technology providers, and many others!

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