• April 03, 2020

    Keeping the Industry Informed

    Keeping the trucking industry informed with timely, fact-based information is a priority of the Iowa Motor Truck Association. As one can imagine, the...


  • Jun 10-Jun 11

    Fleet Safety 101 Seminar

    The safety program of any company continually works to improve the safety of employees while maintaining core safety principals. Safety personnel are tasked with ensuring that the company has a cul...

  • Jun 18

    Webinar: Wellness & What Companies Need to Know that Affects Employees Most Often

    The attitudes toward wellness programs are evolving within the Transportation industry.  What was once a topic for the “fringes” is clearly becoming more mainstream. That said, ver...

  • Jun 23-Jun 24

    Safety Professionals Conference

    Staying current on the safety trends of the industry is a continual, uphill challenge. Because of this, the Iowa Council of Safety Management has created the Safety Professionals Conference as an o...